Radiology Intern Preparation Program


The development of this course is based on the recognition that, although diagnostic radiology training comprises five post-graduate years, the clinical internship (PGY-1 year) is not specifically tailored to the future needs of a radiology resident. Without appropriate guidance during this time, even the most ambitious interns struggle with how to best prepare for their upcoming radiology training. Despite the number and variety of available educational radiology resources, there is not a practical, “one-stop” resource specifically designed to meet the needs of this audience. This curriculum was created to address this need.

How the Program Works

All material for the course may be accessed from this website. The site is organized into “blocks.” There is flexibility regarding the order in which these blocks may be completed, such that the curriculum can be tailored to complement your clinical experience.

For example, while covering a clinical service in which you are frequently evaluating chest radiographs, such as the surgical intensive care unit, you should be working through the “Chest Radiography” block.

As a general guideline, anatomy and radiography blocks should be completed prior to cross-sectional imaging blocks. Within each block, the modules should be viewed in the order in which they are presented.

What are Blocks?

Electronic Flash Cards (Anki)

Each module has a corresponding set of electronic flashcards which may be viewed following completion of the module. These flashcards consist of questions that test your knowledge of the information presented in the corresponding module and may be downloaded from this website onto the Anki program. To facilitate long-term retention of this information, the Anki program provides a spaced repetition algorithm that dictates when to review these flashcards.

Check Your Knowledge Quizzes

You will be asked to sign in with your Google account to complete Check Your Knowledge Quizzes. Please use the same Google account for all quizzes so we can track your progress on the back end. You will receive your results and correct answers via email after you complete each quiz.

Each block will have a scored quiz covering information from all modules included in the block. Following review of all modules and corresponding flashcards for the entire block, the quiz should be taken when the learner feels that he/she has mastered this information.

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